pep 308: why doing (almost) nothing suffices

Edward K. Ream edream at
Mon Mar 10 14:20:25 CET 2003

> Hm.  What about this little problem?
>     >>> def optional_reverse(s, reverse=0):
>     ...     return choose_eval(reverse, 's.reverse()', 's')
>     ...
>     >>> optional_reverse('foo', 1)
>     [...]
>     NameError: name 's' is not defined

Ooooops.  This destroys my idea.

> I suppose choose_eval could be special-cased to take implicit
> arguments of the locals and globals of the calling context.

Yeah, but now we're talking seriously ugly.

> > P.P.S. All criticisms of this brilliant proposal are obviously
> > even if valid.
> I am ashamed.  Forgive me!

It is I why should be blushing.  Thanks, Steven, for the correction.

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