Curses - Win/dos

Dave Bates usenet at
Tue Mar 11 23:27:04 CET 2003

Well thanks Andrew..

I was tyring to make a nice little console app that can go from Win to Unix
.. and was thinking Curses..

Maybe I'll just write in in Visual C.. :)

Thanks for the info
"Andrew Markebo" <andrew.markebo at> wrote in message
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> / "Dave Bates" <usenet at> wrote:
> | Hello Everyone,
> |
> |   I was trying to play around with curses .. and the docs say to import
> | curses (ofcourse) and run a few methods to setup the screen and such..
> curses is not included in the standard pure windows build of python,
> main reason is that there are not much curses libraries out there for
> pure windows (haven't found when looking around, a while ago though).
> Note the pure.. ;-) If you use the cygwin (or djgpp I think) version
> of python, curses is included there.
>    /Andy
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