Simple Python web development

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Mar 27 12:40:48 CET 2003

Afanasiy <abelikov72 at> wrote in message news:<tr148vcns8nrdb7kmsc34t428gtbepnkvr at>...
> Is there a Python web development solution which :
> * Uses the Apache web server
> * Does not depend solely on CGI or FastCGI
> * Requires only an Apache daemon, and no others
> * Does not require editing of *.conf or .htaccess every
>   time you want to add another page to your web application.

This must be a continuation of your last thread:

Of course, according to the WebProgramming section of the PythonInfo
Wiki, of which you are aware, many frameworks providing application
servers are ruled out by the insistence on an Apache-only solution,
although I can understand why one might want to make as much of
Apache's own "application server" capabilities as possible.

It's nice to see that you've distilled your requirements down somewhat
since January. :-)


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