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Eliran Gonen eg at
Thu Mar 6 14:23:36 CET 2003

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at>: 
> [you have some clock-setting or timezone problem, Eliran, as i'm
> reading this one hour earlier than you're alleged to have written
> it -- anyway...]:

Yes, it seems there's a conflict between my unix/win clock.
(don't ask me why)

> If you're sure you can't have vertical bars within the fields,
> it could be good.

BTW what do you think is the best way to modify any of those fields
(in the format of name|author|year) in the future ? put the data in
a temporary variables modify them, delete the existing line and write
the line again ?

This is because I want to add a "Loaner" criteria.


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