OT: Re: Prime number algo... what's wrong?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Mar 27 21:50:16 CET 2003

Max Khesin wrote:
> David, I would prefer that my first name be used instead of treating me as a
> schoolboy. 

Just an FYI: this is perhaps more a cultural difference, than a sign of 

In North America, it is common in, for example, journalism to refer
to an individual by last name throughout an article, after introducing
the full name the first time it is used.  Sort of like using an acronym
but expanding it in parentheses the first time.  (And the attribution line
with the full name seems to suffice in this particular case.)

So maybe David intended to be impolite (though I doubt it), and Max read 
it that way, but it's not certain anyone else saw it that way.  ;-)


P.S.:  Perhaps as many people would be offended by the use of their first
name by someone unfamiliar with them....  but then using their full name
might also be perceived as unfriendly by some.  You just can't win here...

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