Searching in Active Directory (also using LDAP in Windows)

logistix logistix at
Wed Mar 26 15:23:08 CET 2003

"Rudy Schockaert" <rudy.schockaert at> wrote in message news:<Oibga.7010$t_2.1084 at>...
> >
> > I've always just used the ADSI (Active Directory Scripting Interface)
> > components via win32com.client.Dispatch, and have never had a problem
> > getting the data I wanted.
> So, I guess I must be doing something wrong. I am working from a Windows
> 2000 workstation that is not a member of the AD domain. Would that make a
> difference? I can authenticate without problems.
> Thanks,
> Rudy

You'll probably want to post some of your code.  Also the AD
domain-name would be appreciated, along with your domain (and trusts
between them), the DC name, whether you're running in mixed or native
mode on AD.  What domain is the account you're logging into the local
maching on?  Can you use the "Active Directory Users & Computers" to
browse OU's manually?

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