mod_python - life's not that easy

Hilbert hilbert at
Fri Mar 21 07:47:21 CET 2003


I want to create some CGI scripts in python, so I've installed mod_python on
my server.

I thought I would be able to use mod_python to process my python scripts
without having to load the interpreter every time. So far I couldn't figure
out how to do this. The manual only talks about how to use mod_python as an
apache handler.

I think that the mod_python manual way too brief. It doesn't explain
anything in great detail, like how to start a subinterpreter for each
script. I can't find any mod_python tutorials or examples on the internet
either (most likely because I'm looking in the wrong places).

Is it possible to use mod_python like mod_php, so instead of starting
/usr/bin/python every time it would just process the python scripts as they
are requested?

My application is very small scale. Other than the speed increase, what
other advantages are to using pyhton scripts as apache handlers?


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