PEP 308: an additional "select/case" survey option

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Wed Mar 5 15:38:21 CET 2003

"Clark C. Evans" <cce at> wrote in message
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>    To those who hate the terinary operator beacuse it isn't

It is ternary, not terinary.  If you are going to trash something I
like with name-calling opinions masqueraded as fact, please at least
spell it right.  But I guess you do not want me to read your proposal.


>   In particular, this proposal rejects the rationale for 'terinary'


>   operator as a way to trade horizontal screen realestate for
>   vertical space; as this rationale is in direct opposition to
>   the fundamental principle of readability.

How does 'C op1 b op2 c', when performing a conditional selection
operation, violate the 'fundamental principle of readibility',
whatever that is, any more than any other five-token expression, such
as 'a + b * c' or 'a <= b <= c'?

Terry J. Reedy

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