ANN: Ballot for Complementary PEP308 Ternary VOTE

Erik Max Francis max at
Thu Mar 6 01:52:38 CET 2003

Thomas Wouters wrote:

> Oh, please. Guido is not a mindless bureaucracy. If the first vote
> shows The
> Python Community shows massive acceptance of, say, 'C ->> a else? b'
> but
> other, 'unofficial' votes with the same order of responses clearly
> state
> otherwise, he isn't going to blindly go with the first vote. Or if he
> is,
> he's finally gone mad :)

Of course he isn't.  But there's only one vote that is mandated by the
PEP, and there's only one vote that's being conducted with the (implicit
or explicit) blessing of Guido himself.

Additional votes running concurrently only muddy the waters and create
confusion in an already muddy and confusing situation.

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