class relationship question

Lance LaDamage lance-ladamage at
Tue Mar 4 22:12:36 CET 2003

I suggest you use something that a friend of mine uses. He calls it a
DataPool, and it manages a dictionary of variables (and their values.) I can
give you a snippet of it if you want ...



"John Underwood" <johnwadeunderwood at> wrote in message
news:f004e9c2.0303041309.3858c2e1 at
> I have two different .py files that are as basic as "hello world"
> applications
> and a additonal file that is just a class... as simple as holding
> the value to display to the world
> I want them to share a class relationship, so they can pass
> information
> to each other, I'm not sure how to tackle this yet and would
> appreciate
> any help... for example..
> asks a user for information and updates the class, then
> has access to that user information and could display it
> to a screen. I'm of course not using this in a hello world
> application, but thought it would be a simple way to explain what i'm
> trying to do.
> Thanks for any help..
> John

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