IOError - Errno 5

Ulrich Petri ulope at
Wed Mar 5 14:55:38 CET 2003

"Stephan" <s at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:AYM8a.3$nc7.115826 at
> Hi,
> Does someone know what this means:
> Error Type: IOError
> Error Value: [Errno 5] Input/output error
> It happens when writing to 'sys.stderr'. I see that I have problems
> writing, but I can't figure out what this 'Errno 5' really wants to tell
> me. Maybe you can point me to a list of all these reason-codes. Have
> looked for myself but not found anything.

Is this a message generated by Zope?
If yes:
    are you using the -D switch to start zope?
    if yes:
        your problem is the stderr buffer running full.
        either drop the -D switch or use "# /zope: ./start -D > log.log 2>&1

Ciao Ulrich

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