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Sat Mar 8 14:09:22 CET 2003

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> First, I realize that I'm asking an incredibly stupid question.  I
> understand it.  I am at one with my stupid question.
> Second, the question:  Just how exactly do you compile python?  I'm
> write the program, translate it into assembly, smack an .exe on the
end of
> the name and give it to someone who's never heard of python and allow
> to run it on their machine by the incredibly complex process of double
> clicking.  Or the equivilant on any other OS.  I realize there has got
to be
> a way to do this, other than manually, otherwise why bother with
python at
> all?  I have rumaged through the docs, and found info on all sorts of
> things, like zips, tars, and self-extracting magic dohickys.  But my
> work-adled brain seems to have come to the conclusion that the only
way to
> distribute it is to pack an interpreter with it, which seems
incredibly ..
> unweildy.

That's the way you do it, actually. There are a couple of methods of
packaging the executable, of which the best known is probably py2exe.
Look it up on Google "Python .exe" (that's a space between the two

> Third, and entirely off the point:  My first programming language was
> bastardized version of Forth, MUF (That's sort of an upside-down and
> backwards version of any other programming language, in case you don't
> it), so my natural reaction to learning any other language is to come
at it
> with my dukes up, ready to beat it into unwilling submission.  I was
> blindsided by Python.  I'm not real sure how to work with a language
> doesn't fight me tooth and nail.

That's one of the glories of Python. It kind of spoils you for other

John Roth
> -- Nil

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