Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Isaac To kkto at
Thu Mar 20 03:06:50 CET 2003

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Max Francis <max at> writes:

    Erik> most people who think Esperanto is dumb don't realize that it's
    Erik> not intended to be a primary language (i.e., to replace whatever
    Erik> they're speaking now), but rather a universal second language, so
    Erik> that everybody shares an auxiliary language.

No.  You should look at the various web sites explaining "why Esperanto is
not my favourite auxiliary language".  All of them understand that it is
supposed to be a second language, but still they think it is not as easily
learnt as it should be, especially for non-Europeans.  This is critical as
it is something that people should learn *in addition to* other languages,
and more importantly, *won't* use unless he cannot talk with somebody with
that "other languages" (which is a rare case, especially for people who
speak more than one language anyway).

This contrasts sharply with any programming language.  For many people, as
long as the things they need are there, the choice of programming language
is more or less based on personal preference.  Then even a language that is
not "as easily learnt as it should be" can be successful.  So the success of
Python, but the failure of Esperanto.


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