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> > > I have Aspergers disorder, and as a result I have a strong tendency to
> > > overpedantic use and interpretation of language. Back at school in
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> > While I've never been diagnosed with any such disorder, I can certainly
> > identify with many (not all) of the symptoms you mention.
> Harper's mag ran (May 2002) a fascinating biography of someone with
> Aspergers last year.  It has a lot to say about the disorder and the
> NYC Subway System.
> Can be found on the web here:

How about

I'm one also... although my diagnosis is far from properly
"clinical" I fit the profile pretty snugly.

There's a test (one of several actually) at:

I'm a 33.

On that page it says:

    The test is not a means for making
    a diagnosis, however, and many who
    score above 32 and even meet the
    diagnostic criteria for mild autism
    or Asperger's report no difficulty
    functioning in their everyday lives.

Like many, I have learned to recognize social signals and
simulate them cognitively (whereas "normal" people have
instincts for this)... so the last statement rings a bit
false with me.

There are probably a lot of us on this list who suffer from
Asperger's... it pretty much defines nerdiness.

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