Stupid Python Questions

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Mar 13 17:01:54 CET 2003

> > 2) Can I easily create a standalone program (1 file) that runs under
> > DOS (command prompt) that contains my script and the Python
> > interpreter (or just what is needed for my script), so that from an
> > end-user perspective it just looks like a DOS executable?
> Yes, that's possible with either py2exe or Gordon McMillan's installer.
> Normally you'll get a .exe and several .dll and .pyd files from these
> tools.  Gordon's installer has an option to pack everything into a single
> .exe, but this is a hack that I'd personally avoid.
> URLs:

The latter page is out of date, use this instead:

Unfortunately Gordon doesn't update his starship pages any more.


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