Closing pipes

Donn Cave donn at
Mon Mar 17 00:08:57 CET 2003

Quoth Tom Chance <tomchance at>:
| Ah, brilliant, I've got Popen3 working, and I can get the pid. But for some
| reason I can't kill the process! I've tried doing "kill(pid,
| signal.SIGKILL)" and "kill(pid, 0)", but neither work. I've tried closing
| the pipe first with "child.fromchild.close()", and then killing, and that
| doesn't work either. Kill just fails to kill the process.

You might check the process IDs in question - maybe check with "ps" -
to verify that you have the process you want.  You may have just killed
a shell process, for example.  If that's the problem, you might try this:
1.  Set up a signal handler, for SIGTERM.  2. kill(0 - os.getpid(), SIGTERM)
That might work, though only if you started the Python program from the
interactive shell.  Of course in the real world it would very likely be
better to take a second look at what your objectives really are and how
they can be accomplished within the application's normal modes of
interaction, but that isn't our problem here.

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