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I asked:
>In article <af24fc01.0303020124.343d341f at posting.google.com>,
>erez <erez at actona.com> wrote:
>>when i try to run python-script (on linux device) that uses pexpect
>>module, and try to telnet window device, i can't do so ( the sendline
>>function send only the first cur at a time )
>>does someone know how could i interact window telnet ??? by expect
>>Thanks, Erez
>Let's be clear on our terms.  From the Linux command-line,
>can you telnet to the Windows host, and "manually" drive
>the Windows process to achieve the result you're after?  
>Is that indeed a correct model for what you're after?
>Briefly, can you get what you're after withOUT Python?
>Even if you say, "No", it might still be possible to achieve
>what you're after with Python.  All that answer would mean
>is that I don't yet understand your requirements.
Erez, let's continue this conversation in comp.lang.python,
so everyone can participate.  If we do it in private e-mail,
I'll need to charge my modest consulting rates.

Erez has told me a couple of things:  first, that he "want[s]
to automate script on some devices", including Win2000 and
WinXP; and he's also described the Python code with which
he's experimenting.  The latter seems to give satisfaction to
him when he connects to Unix hosts, but has a "problem" with

Erez, Windows is NOT by default configured to allow remote
hosts to launch scripts, not by any means, and not through
the use of Python, in particular.  If I understand what
you're saying, you will find the following to be true:  when
  telnet $some_windows_host
from a command line, with no Python involvement at all, you
are NOT able to connect to $some_windows_host.  You can't do
what you want "by hand", and you certainly can't teach Python
to do it.

If your true goal is to automate the launch of a script on a
(remote) Windows host, it's likely we can help.  There's no
direct answer, though, that's as convenient as what Unix has
led you to expect.

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