PEP 312 - Making lambdas implicit worries me, surely it's justthe name 'lambda' that is bad...

Dave Brueck dave at
Mon Mar 3 23:35:20 CET 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Erik Max Francis wrote:

> Dave Brueck wrote:
> > Oh, c'mon. This is a frequently cited yet overstated wart. Yeah,
> > technically it's a problem, but much more a theoretical than practical
> > one
> > - in practice the only time it causes problems is when you're doing
> > something questionable anyway, like reusing a variable without
> > initializing it to some known value.
> Doesn't seem anymore a wart than for loops pollute the namespace with
> the iteration variable.  If one considers that a wart as well, then list
> comprehensions were only following suit.  Consistency with a
> long-standing wart would be better than keeping the old wart and
> introducing a _new_ one by making a very similar structure behave
> differently (one pollutes and one doesn't).

My thoughts exactly.


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