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Wed Mar 19 20:50:58 CET 2003

In article <3e78c3e8$0$135$e4fe514c at>, Boudewijn
Rempt <boud at> writes
>Ben S wrote:
>> Is this second sentence true, or is that just an opinion from someone
>> who favours the imperative style to the functional style? What else
>> could have been meant by this?
>Well, it was the impression the author gained through reading through 
>the mailing lists and the newsgroup. I didn't mean that you get deprecation
>warnings when you use them.
>Anyway, I personally am quite fond of the constructs.
So am I, but that doesn't mean that well meaning haters of those
constructs won't try to slide them away. Apparently we're not only
required to like Python, but also to continually watch that it doesn't
slough its skin off and turn into some other snake entirely.

I wonder if there are examples of languages where features are conserved
ie they start being deprecated and then are miraculously revived and
become approved.
Robin Becker

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