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Tue Mar 18 17:12:54 CET 2003

Ben Hutchings <do-not-spam-ben.hutchings at> writes:

> In article <m3d6kq8gsr.fsf at>, Bernhard Herzog wrote:
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> [re popen]
> > Don't use a string. Use a list of strings with one string for each
> > argument. E.g. instead of
> > 
> > "mycommand arg1 arg2" use ["mycommand", "arg1", "arg2"]
> > 
> > This has the additional benefit that you don't have to worry about
> > quoting.
> Aha!  Unfortunately this does not appear to be documented.

Yes, unfortunately. It's also doesn't work on all platforms. It doesn't
work on Windows, for example, but does work on Unix-like systems, but
even there it's limited to the popenN functions AFAIK (more precisely
all popen functions that are implemented with the Popen3/Popen4 classes).


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