ANN: discord 1.0 -- Python conversion of dates to Discordian

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Mar 19 05:15:36 CET 2003

Ian Bicking wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 20:16, Erik Max Francis wrote:
> >     This is a very simple module which allows for conversion from
> >     normal dates (via 'time.time', 'time.localtime', etc.) to
> >     Discordian dates (a silly made-up dating system that divides a
> >     year into five seasons of 73 days each).
> So where do Discordian dates come from?

A silly, fake religion with an even sillier fake dating system.  It's
just something I had around for a while, and packaged up into a
module/application when I saw there wasn't anything similar on the
Vaults or Freshmeat.

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