using a private embedded python

Martin v. Löwis martin.vonloewis at
Mon Mar 31 18:12:10 CEST 2003

> to get a static version of python, i'll have to build it myself, since the
> normal distribution doesn't come with it, right?

On Windows yes, on Unix no.

> so, why would changing all
> the environment variables and registry entries be bad? i could change
> everything to PYTHONPATH_COMPANY.  and the registry to
> HKLM/Software/Company/Python.  maybe still use the python22 shared library
> but call it python_company instead too.

I did not say this would be bad. It's just a lot of work, and people
can still break you installation if they deliberately want to.

> this is starting to be more of a pain than i had originally thought.

It is as much or as little pain as you want to. On a scale from
"no effort" to "three-year certification process", everything is
possible: you have to consider the risks you are taking, and
the efforts necessary to remove these risks.


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