help with filling a struct for use in win32api.SendMessage()

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> Subject:	help with filling a struct for use in win32api.SendMessage()
> Hello,
> I'd like to make an MS windows application show up and present me some
> data.
> I ought to use the windows API-calls FindWindow and SendMessage, but I
> don't
> really know how to create the arguments needed for the latter call.
> Could someone give me some directions about how to construct the 'xxx' in
> the code fragment below? Should I use something like ctypes or Pyrex?
> Thanks in advance,
> Roger
> hApp = win32gui.FindWindow( 'MyApp', None) # this seems to work
> if hApp:
>   SendMessage(hApp, win32con.WM_COPYDATA, 0, xxx)
> This is the (C) documentation I have for MyApp:
> obtain the handle:
> hV  = FindWindow( "V", NULL );
> if hV is not NULL, commands can be sent:
> Status = SendMessage( hV, WM_COPYDATA, (WPARAM)hWnd, (LPARAM)pData );
> ...
> pData = Pointer to a COPYDATASTRUCT, via windows.h defined as:
>       typedef struct tagCOPYDATASTRUCT {
>                          DWORD dwData;
> // Specifies up to 32 bits of data to be passed to the receiving
> application. 
>                          DWORD cbData;
> // Specifies the size, in bytes, of the data pointed to by the lpData
> member. 
>                          PVOID lpData;
> // Points to data to be passed to the receiving application. This member
> can
> be NULL. 
>                      } COPYDATASTRUCT; 
>                      dwData is always 0x53445256
>                      cbData is minimal sizeof(VRC_HEADER)
>                      lpData always points to a VRC_HEADER structure.
> typedef struct { DWORD     Magic;
>                  DWORD     Command;
>                  BYTE      Data[1];      } VRCHEADER 
Uncanny - I was just working on this. Here's an example, getting the text
from an Edit control. Does this help?

import struct
import win32con
import win32gui

def getEditText(hwnd):
    result = []
    bufferlength = struct.pack('i', 255)
    linecount = win32gui.SendMessage(hwnd, win32con.EM_GETLINECOUNT, 0, 0)
    for line in range(linecount):
        linetext = bufferlength + "".ljust(253)
        linelength = win32gui.SendMessage(hwnd, win32con.EM_GETLINE, line,
    return result

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