Using win32api.GetTickCount() over the network

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Mar 5 23:36:03 CET 2003

Donovan Hide wrote:
> Hi pythonists,
>     is there a way to connect to a remote machine and use
> win32api.GetTickCount() call to measure how long a machine has been up, in a
> smilar way to the MS utility uptime.exe. 

You may be able to get this stat from the performance monitor.  The 
win32pdh* modules all support remote machines.

> Also does anyone know how to
> control services and processes on remote machines without using other .exe
> utilities such as those from sysinternals.

Ditto for services - the win32 API provides for remote control of 
services, and the Python bindings support it.

I don't know of a "standard" way to control normal executables remotely.


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