Waffling (was Re: single-line terinary operators considered harmful)

Steven Taschuk staschuk at telusplanet.net
Thu Mar 6 21:03:50 CET 2003

Quoth Stephen Horne:
> I tend to dislike '++' in C more than perhaps I should (and more than
> the 'next' function above) because the C standard does not guarentee
> when the postincrement is done [...]

An excellent point.  (And one I have been bitten by.)

> That doesn't happen with a function, and can't happen at all in
> Python.

Certainly Python's guaranteed evaluation and execution order is
very comfortable.  There is the occasional oddity:
	d = {}
	i = 3
	i = d[i] = i+1
has a surprising (to me) result.  But this isn't good style anyway.

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