CGIHTTPServer bug

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Mar 12 19:35:03 CET 2003

Aaron Hanson wrote:
> Hi All-
>     There seems to be a bug in CGIHTTPServer; when it reponds to POST
> requests, it resets the TCP connection before terminating the HTTP
> content correctly (I'm not sure exactly what is missing). Most
> browsers don't care, but Internet Explorer throws an error dialog. I
> installed python 2.2.2 today in the hope that this had been fixed; but
> it has not.
>     My question is, does anybody know of a simple patch or work-around
> for this problem? Thanks.

This is a known issue, and has been discussed in the newsgroup sometime
in the last couple of months.  If you search for "CGIHTTPServer IE
HTTP POST" and maybe throw my name in for good measure, you should be
able to dig it up.  

Summary: fixed in newer versions, and you can apply a simple patch to
your own copy if you wish.


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