Object oriented databae for Python

Konstantin Knizhnik knizhnik at garret.ru
Fri Mar 21 12:19:23 CET 2003

Hello achrist,

Thursday, March 20, 2003, 10:12:58 PM, you wrote:

aec> Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:
>> I would like to announce embedded object oriented database for
>> languages with dynamic type checking: DyBASE. Currently APIs for
>> Python, Ruby and PHP are available.

aec> This looks very, very nice.  Is the code stable and production quality?

This is first release of DyBASE. So I could not call it stable:)
But DyBASE is actually based on GigaBASE core and it is almost five
years old and is stable enough.

aec> Thanks much

aec> Al

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