Invoking JavaScript event handler in Internet Explorer by python/win32com

Andrew Clover and-google at
Tue Mar 4 13:32:10 CET 2003

Florian Fredegar Haftmann <fredegar at> wrote:

> When my own handler is finished, he is supposed to call the old
> "native" handler. But how is that to be done?

Have you tried using the IE DOM methods attachEvent and detachEvent?

This implements an event interface where multiple event handlers can
listen for the same event. Somewhat similar to the W3C DOM Level 2
Events interface, but IE's non-standard version.

> If the old event handler is stored in self.oldevt, a call
> self.oldevt() only returns a textual representation

In the normal IE DOM, the onclick attribute is a function, not
a string, so you would indeed call it with a simple (). Don't know
why you might be getting a string, if that's what's happening.

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