affordable Zope hosting

Bob Horvath nospam at
Mon Mar 3 07:59:11 CET 2003

What are some recommended Zope hosting companies for affordable hosting?

I maintain 5 domains, most of them small/lame, but one is for an artist
so it has lots of images.  Some of the lamer ones I can get away with
using web forwarding, but it would be nice to not have to do that. None
of them get very much traffic.  

I currently have some stuff at using their $15 a year option
to associate a domain to a freezope account, but I have a feeling I
will someday outgrow that account, and their add-ons appear to cost more
than hosting other places.  I would like a nice selection of Products,
but don't necessarily need to install my own.  I'll stick to the popular
ones for now.

The one I stumbled upon that looks pretty reasonably priced is
Are there others like this?

As all but one of these are lame/personal sites, and the other one
is already hosted  at for $5 per month, my budget is
pretty low.  I'm thinking about $10 per month. My goal is to lean some
Zope by having real work to do on it, and save myself time in upating
all of these sites.

I am happy to see some reaonably priced Zope hosting.  Last time I
checked it didn't exist.  What is the best of the bunch?

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