PyGTK-2 Full-Screen mode.

Fernando Perez fperez528 at
Sun Mar 2 22:29:15 CET 2003

kkennedy wrote:

> Here is my problem: I am writing a simple childrens game (in Python),
> and I would like them to be able to play it when I'm not around.  The
> problem is that they can really mess up icons, menus, and whatever
> else can be randomly clicked on.  I am using Redhat 8.0.  If anyone
> knows another (better) way of solving this problem, your comments are
> welcome.
You might want to try giving them an account which uses KDE for the desktop
in 'kiosk' mode.  This is a restricted mode where users can make no changes
to the desktop, meant for kiosk-type computers in public areas.  Even if
you develop the game using pygtk, this kind of account for kids might be



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