Is Python overhyped (just like Java)?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Mar 30 19:55:20 CEST 2003

Roy Smith <roy at> writes:

> I just make a trivial change to a single source file in a project I'm 
> working on and times how long it took to run make.  It took 1 minute, 41 
> seconds.  The vast majority of that time was make itself, recursing up 
> and down the directory tree to discover that nothing else had changed.  
> Had the change been to a core header file, I might have been waiting for 
> 15 minutes while make recompiled the whole world.  With Python, I would 
> have been able to test my change in a matter of seconds.

It's fairly well know that recursive make files are slow. There are
tools built to solve this problem (e.g. jam), and technics for using
include's in make files so the entire tree is processed by one
make. Either one results in significantly faster builds.

Of course, that's still not faster than having an interpreter. One of
the things that attracted me to python was that it came with an
interpreter, as opposed to having add it to Perl or Java.

Batteries included, indeed.

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