Aspergers link (was Re: PEP 312 - Making lambdas implicit worries me, surely it's just the name 'lambda' that is bad...)

A. Lloyd Flanagan alloydflanagan at
Mon Mar 17 15:29:01 CET 2003

Carl Banks <imbosol-1047882725 at> wrote in message news:<Rteda.65505$gi1.40160 at>...
> Chris Gonnerman wrote:
> I think people with Asperger's "syndrome" just violated someone's
> arbitrary and very narrow idea of what they think is normal.

There's definitely a much broader range to 'normal' human behavior
than most people realize.  I think they've been paying more attention
to movies and TV than what's going on around them.

Lloyd (AQ Test score:25)

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