Toplevel windows and Tkinter

Oldleatheryhag97 oldleatheryhag97 at
Wed Mar 12 03:05:35 CET 2003


I am new to Python and ran into problems while working on creating a messaging
program. The problem is this: I would like Tkinter to create a new window for
each incoming chat. However, if the recipient is already chatting with the
message sender, the message will simply be sent to the window that is already
open (In other words, a window is open for each user that the client chats
with, like MSN Messenger, or AIM.)

I am seeking help in the creation of a function that would take the message and
screenname of a sender, and then display a window. The primary problem is that
I do not know how to give each of these windows a specific ID, or other
distinguishing characteristic, that would allow me to send data to the specific
window, based on the sender. Am I overlooking the obvious?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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