[ANN] Version 1.30.0 of the Boost libraries

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Thu Mar 20 19:25:59 CET 2003

Boost version 1.30.0 has been released. The highlights include:

* Updates for Boost.Python, including better support for C++
  polymorphism, and introducing Pyste, a front-end wrapping code
  generator which allows most C++ code to be wrapped entirely using
  Python. (http://www.boost.org/libs/python/doc/news.html)

* Filesystem Library added - Portable paths, iteration over
  directories, and other useful filesystem operations, from Beman

* Optional Library added - A discriminated-union wrapper for optional
  values, from Fernando Cacciola.

* Interval Library added - Extends the usual arithmetic functions to
  mathematical intervals, from Guillaume Melquiond, Hervé Brönnimann
  and Sylvain Pion.

* MPL added - Template metaprogramming framework of compile-time
  algorithms, sequences and metafunction classes, from Aleksey

* Spirit Library added - An LL (unlimited lookahead) parser framework
  that represents parsers directly as EBNF grammars in inlined C++
  source code, complete with semantic actions, ASTs and much more,
  from Joel de Guzman and team.

* Smart Pointers Library - many enhancements, intrusive_ptr and smart
  pointer programming techniques docs added.

* boost/assert.hpp, boost/current_function.hpp,
  boost/throw_exception.hpp, boost/checked_delete.hpp have been

* Date-Time Library - several fixes and small additions including an
  interface change to partial_date.

* Function Library - added support for assignment to zero (to clear)
  and comparison against zero (to check if empty).

* Operators Library - now takes advantage of named return value
  optimization (NRVO) when available, from Daniel Frey.

* Regression Tests - Much expanded, plus a very nice summary page from
  Rene Rivera.

* Test Library - added new facilities.

* Many fixes and enhancements to other libraries.

See www.boost.org for more information.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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