python as a web glue ?

francois lepoutre franck.lepoutre at
Fri Mar 14 10:05:35 CET 2003

> so do you think that python could help me ?

I was in the same situation. Tried MS solutions, then perl,
then python and staid with it. Yes you are at the right place !

> should i use a full python webserver ? or will apache module like
> fill my needs ?
> does it already exist similar things that i could re-use ?

Solution 1:

    Start with plain python CGI if you have no or limited practice of it.
    You'll learn something and it's so much easier for debugging.

    When performance will become a problem (it will if you
    use db services) move your code base to mod_python

Solution 2:

    Get thru the different python frameworks and find the one
    that fits your brain. And move up from that.

    If session management is something you do not want
    do build on your own, this is definitely the way to go



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