Native Python Server Pages - mod_psp

yaipa h. yaipa at
Tue Mar 18 16:32:10 CET 2003

>   -- Steve Holden wrote:
>>> -- Sterling Hughes wrote:

>[yet more Python mixed with HTML]
>>> PS: So far I've had two sets of responses, either "that rocks!" or "ohh
>>> god no!"  If you fall in to the latter group, I apologize in advance. ;)
> Thank you!

Which all leads me to wonder, once again, why I have not seen a Python 
implementation of the JavaBeans architecture. Where JavaBeans have really 
only been widely used as a server technology, I believe Python could
be both successful as stand alone client product and a server product for
serving up dynamic web content similar to Java Servlets using 'Beans.

In a Servlet like technology, *pyBeans* can then be used to achieve the 
separation of Python code from html tags.  To which I believe is what
Steve is driving at in his reply to Sterling Hughes' post about PSP.

 -Alan Haffner

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