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Mon Mar 3 16:03:52 CET 2003

>>>>> "Eliran" == Eliran Gonen <eg at> writes:

    Eliran> Hello !  I want to ask you what do you think is the best
    Eliran> way to keep a list of books with other data (such as year
    Eliran> and author) in a file ?

You have a lot of choices.  One good one is to use bibtex, which is
widely used for bibliographic data, supports every imaginable category
(article, book, dissertation, unpublished, proceedings, etc....) and
there are nice tools for automatically converting it to other formats
(eg html, pdf, postscript) and searching it (see, eg, bibtool, bibtex2html)

Here is an example book

  author =	 {Enoka, R.M.},
  title = 	 {Neuromechanics of Human Movement},
  publisher = 	 {Human Kinetics},
  year = 	 2002,
  address =	 {Champaign, IL}

See more examples with python articles, etc, at

Alternatives: you could use an XML format, which is readily parsed in

You could roll your own as a programming exercise...

John Hunter 

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