Productive GUI programming - a theory

Thomas Heller theller at
Tue Mar 4 18:44:11 CET 2003

titanrebel at (kkennedy) writes:

> I'm relatively new to Python programming, so forgive me for any
> ignorance.  I've been reading many of the messages here in the group. 
> I am currently working on a small Python project that requires a GUI
> interface.  I went round and round trying to figure out which GUI
> toolkit to use (finally choosing pyGTK), and I see that many others
> have the same questions which to choose.
> Has anyone ever tried to write a "GUI abstraction layer"?  By that, I
> mean using common API "method calls" to create a GUI interface, and
> "under the covers" using the appropriate binding based on OS or user
> choice.  If you are familiar with the Eclipse platform
> (  It uses SWT, which is the abstraction layer.  You
> write code (Java) to one API, and it translates the calls to Win32 on
> Windows, GTK 2 on Linux/Unix, Motif on Linux/Unix, and several others.

Sounds somewhat like the anygui project (use whatever backend is
available).  Unfortunately anygui is more or less stalled.


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