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Cherniavsky Biniamin cben at
Mon Mar 17 11:27:26 CET 2003

In article <7h3k7f4mxju.fsf at>, Michael Hudson wrote:
>ÔÐÜøÐÝ Ó. <p e n g u i n i s t a @ m a i l . n e t . m k> writes:
>> While we are at the ncurses topic... does python support the ncursesw
>> libaries. As of ncurses-5.3 there is a compile-time option to produce
>> wide-ncurses libraries. These libraries have greatly improved Unicode nad
>> UTF-8 handling. 
>> So, can Python's curses module be made to work with ncursesw?
>Almost certainly :-)
>More helpfully:
>I'm sure cben wouldn't mind some help.
Definately :-).  Actually I don't have time to code it now, at least until the
end of March.  I'd be glad to discuss the design, though.

Beni Cherniavsky <cben at>

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