Few ZODB questions

Thomas Guettler pan-newsreader at thomas-guettler.de
Thu Mar 6 07:48:28 CET 2003

On Wed, 05 Mar 2003 20:52:41 +0100, дамјан г. wrote:

> I have several questions about ZODB:
>  1. is ZODB multithread safe (like the Queue class)

Yes it is. Zope uses it with several threads. 
>  2. is the ZODB multiprocess safe (meaning that two separate python
> processes can access it, like some of the file databases can)

AFAIK, this could be done by accessing ZOPDB via Zope and XML-RPC.

>  3. What kind of operations are possible on the ZODB?

Since objects of ZODB are python objects you can do everything with
them. If you change a dictionary or a list you need to set

>  4. Why isn't it more popular outside of the ZOPE project?

Don't know. I think because only few people understood object oriented
programming. Most people don't feel imprisoned if the data gets stored
in a relational database.


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