Vote on PEP 308 (how to reject)

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Mar 3 09:36:50 CET 2003

tweedgeezer at (Jeremy Fincher) wrote in message news:<698f09f8.0303021416.4e2e5581 at>...
> The *real* danger, though, is that a ternary operator will end up
> being added and your voice (as far as your preference for which
> ternary operator add if one must be added) will be unheard.

The voting procedure seems to insist that to have a say in the matter,
one really has to have a positive preference in order to make a real
difference - one can't say "I reject all this armchair language design
and await the day when I can read comp.lang.python without having to
filter out 10000 messages about frivolous wishlist items".

In order to represent the wishes of those rendered silent, I suggest
the appointment of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as
adjudicators. Upon completion of the voting procedure, the community
will await the arrival of the four horsemen (possibly arriving
straight from a well-deserved skiing trip in hell) who will then judge
the most popular ternary forms on the basis of "whole community
momentum" before delivering their recommendation to the BDFL.


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