MockObject Suport For unittest.TestCase

mcherm at mcherm at
Thu Mar 20 19:46:52 CET 2003



I think that mock objects is a feature that could be very useful, and
a handy way to build them inside the unittest module sounds like a
greate idea. And we appreciate your effort to contribute!

I haven't finished looking over your patch yet, but I have a couple
of suggestions right fron the beginning.

(1) I would change self.called (which is private storage for the mock
   object) to something like self.__mockObject_called to reduce the chance
   of an unfortunate name collision.

(2) In MockFactory.__new__ I would try to check for classes implementing
   custom __getattr__, and __getattribute__ methods, and handle those
   specially (probably by raising an exception claiming that the class
   can't be mocked).

I'm sure there'll be other suggestions from other people, and perhaps
some more from me if I get more time.

-- Michael Chermside

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