Closing pipes

Tom Chance tomchance at
Sun Mar 16 22:24:31 CET 2003

> popen2.Popen3 (the _class_ -- NOT to be confused with the _function_
> in the same module, which is [sigh] spelled with a lowecase initial)
> instances have a .pid attribute, and so do instances of class Popen4
> in the same module.

Ah, brilliant, I've got Popen3 working, and I can get the pid. But for some
reason I can't kill the process! I've tried doing "kill(pid,
signal.SIGKILL)" and "kill(pid, 0)", but neither work. I've tried closing
the pipe first with "child.fromchild.close()", and then killing, and that
doesn't work either. Kill just fails to kill the process.

Is there any reason/solution for this?


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