Ordinal not in range(128)

Fabien HENON fabien.henon at caramail.com
Sun Mar 2 23:49:38 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Fabien HENON wrote:
>>I have written a POV-RAY editor for Linux using Python and Tkinter.
>>It mostly uses the text widget of Tkinter.
>>You can find it at :
>>As you can add comments in POV-RAY scripts, people who are using
>>extended character (é,à,...) get the following message :
>>UnicodeError: ASCII encoding error: ordinal not in range(128)
> This is a FAQ.  All it means that the Unicode object you're trying to
> use as a normal string has not 7-bit clean, and so it can't know what
> encoding you want to use without you giving it more information.  Try
> 	S = U.encode('latin-1')
> or something similar (provided the character set you want really is
> Latin-1).
In my case, my editor is multilanguage and users can choose between many 
  fonts. I am not a Unix guru, but latin-1 is for Western Europe (?). Is 
it going to work for polish or Spaniards,...


Fabien HENON

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