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Tue Mar 18 18:16:22 CET 2003

In article <cf097vcss862rmi5n83gc0rp2dt1mhiea7 at>, Rene Pijlman wrote:
> Ian Bicking:
>>Ali Dada:
>>> how can i force a script to execute in the user's home directory?
>>If you want to go to a home directory of a user that's not the current
>>user, you can use the pwd module, like 
>>  os.chdir(pwd.getpwnam(username)[5])

Or, perhaps more readably:


> I think this is a better solution than os.environ['HOME'], even
> for the current user, since HOME is set to the user's home
> directory only by convention. It may be (re)set to anything in
> the execution environment of the script.

If the user shouldn't be allowed to change their home directory by
setting HOME, consider what they can do by setting PYTHONPATH...

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