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Tim Evans t.evans at
Thu Mar 6 10:56:44 CET 2003

Paul Moore <gustav at> writes:
> Look at this another way, then. Are there any examples of thread pool
> frameworks around which I could use as a starting point? I have
> searched round and found nothing much (Aahz has some specific examples
> on his site, but nothing generic, the cookbook doesn't have anything,
> where else could I look?)

Well, I was bored, so here's one I just threw together.  You can
subclass 'Task' the same as you would threading.Thread to store extra
state, or just pass a function and arguments as in the example.



from __future__ import generators

import threading, Queue
import sys, traceback

class Task(object):
    def __init__(self, func=None, *args, **kw):
        self.__target = (func, args, kw)
        self.result = None
        self.exception = None

    def _run(self, finished):
            self.result =
            self.exception = sys.exc_info()[0]

    def run(self):
        func, args, kw = self.__target
        if func is None:
            return None
            return func(*args, **kw)

class ParallelTasks(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self._count = 0
        self._finished = Queue.Queue()

    def add(self, task):
        t = threading.Thread(target=task._run, args=(self._finished,))
        self._count += 1

    def get_one(self):
        r = self._finished.get()
        self._count -= 1
        return r

    def get_all(self):
        while self._count:
            yield self.get_one()

def _test():
    import time

    def wait_and_return(t, r):
        if t <= 0:
            raise ValueError("'t' must be greater than zero")
        return r

    pt = ParallelTasks()
    pt.add(Task(wait_and_return, 3, '3 seconds'))
    pt.add(Task(wait_and_return, 2, '2 seconds'))
    pt.add(Task(wait_and_return, -1, '-1 seconds'))

    for task in pt.get_all():
        if task.exception:
            print 'result: task failed'
            print 'result:', task.result

    print 'all tasks complete'

if __name__ == '__main__':


Tim Evans

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