Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Carl Banks imbosol-1048443591 at
Sun Mar 23 19:48:10 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Carl Banks wrote:
>> You and I are both aware that speakers learning English say "he go"
>> when they mean "he went."
> Since when?  They could mean, "He is going," or "He will be going," or
> any number of other things.

You're a dispicable loser.  Not only have you resorted to nitpicking
to deflect attention away from the real point of this discussion (for
reasons I suspect but will not state), but your nitpick has also
strengthened my argument:

Carl Banks wrote:
> What does make "he go" (and "I go", and "he goes") ambiguous is the
> fact that non-native English speakers often use the wrong tense.

And now, this conversation is over.  I do not stoop to the level of
losers like you for very long.


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