ogg, UML, twisted vs. zope

Alessio Pace puccio_13 at yahoo.it
Tue Mar 11 09:02:51 CET 2003

You can also usi DIA e and the plug in DIA2CODE which does some useful
(although not perfect) translation from UML to code (python, java, C++,

Harry LeBlanc wrote:

> Hi, I'm in the process of speccing out & designing a website that will
> serve up audio in ogg format. I'm a seasoned java/j2ee programmer, but a
> newbie both with python and streaming audio. I've heard great things
> about python, and I'm checking out the tools available before I decide
> on whether to program in python or java.
> What kind of tools are available in python for streaming an ogg file to
> a single end user (as opposed to a shoutcast-style stream)? All the
> links I've found to pyshout seem to be broken. Any good books on using
> python with streaming audio on the web? (I have the Zope book, Learning
> Python, and Programming Python.)
> Also, are there python object-modeling tools that are the equivalent of
> java's ArgoUML project? (ArgoUML is a gui tool for building UML class
> diagrams and automatically generating the java source code.)
> Also, how do Twisted & Zope compare for rapid website development?
> You can email me directly at hleblanc at bitstream.net. Thanks for all the
> feedback!
> Harry

Alessio Pace

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