Debug python for Windows?

Sean Slattery Sean.Slattery at
Tue Mar 25 12:03:49 CET 2003

Actually - the building bit is documented well enough (although I will admit
I didn't know about the Build->Batch... option in MSVC), it's the
installation that I was hoping for more direction on. I'll just try to make
it look like other installations of Python I've seen:

* create a top level Python directory and put the .exe's in there
* create a Python\libs and put the *.lib in there
* create a Python\DLLs directory and put the *.pyd and *.dll in there
* create a Python\include and put the *.h in there

etc. etc.

I suspect there are some environment variables I need to set too - in order
to get wxPython to compile (the back story here is that I'm trying to debug
an extension to wxPython, so need a debug installation to get started).

Thanks for the pointers, I'll ask again if my install attempt doesn't seem
to be proceeding well.


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