Suggestion for yet another (O'Reilly) Python book

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Mon Mar 10 23:34:04 CET 2003

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Steven Cummings <cummingscs at> wrote:
>Cool idea. I've thought it would be nice to have an O'Reilly "Python
>Web Services" written by someone who has done all of those articles
>for developerWorks and, like Uche. To have it all and much
>more from the expert-author's knowledge in one coherent book would be
>very marketable right now I think.
... and also a lot of work, more than is generally ap-
parent to those who haven't been through sausage-mak--I
mean, book publication, themselves.

Incidentally, "Python Web Services" is ambiguous in at
least a couple of dimensions.  Are you aware of Steve
Holden's book <URL: >?

Cameron Laird <Cameron at>

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